20 November 2015 Reconstruction of the recreation area "Sumcha" in Parkent area

In addition, it produced osnashenie buildings with new furniture.
The project created 20 new jobs, half of which is local youth. Among them are graduates Parkentsky professional college of transport and services.
Continuing construction and installation work on the completion of the construction of individual houses.



Uzbekistan Hotels

Hotel Plaza Palace Andijan

Sgl: $50 Tw: $70

Sultan Boutique

Sgl: $85 Tw: $110

Hotel Taj Mahal

Sgl: $60 Tw: $80

Hotel Sherdor

Sgl: $0 Tw: $0

Hotels in Central Asia

Hotel Mary

Sgl: $80 Tw: $110

President Ashgabat

Sgl: $190 Tw: $220

Rixos Almaty

Sgl: Tw:

Oguzkent Ashgabat

Sgl: $230 Tw: $250
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