Navоi, Uzbekistan

  • Yurt Camp "Aydar"
    Addres: Dungalak Village
    Single -
    Double(Twin) -
    Breakfast - Included
    Yurt camp "Aydar" is located 10 km from the western shore of Lake "Aydarkul" was renovated in early 2010. The camp has 12 yurts, which are richly decorated with hand-made carpets and sherdakami local craftsmen. Color patterns and chandeliers create an unusually festive atmosphere in the yurt. Yurt camp is also equipped with stationary toilets, showers with plumbing fixtures, garden furniture, yurt wardroom, where the lunches and dinners. The camp has electricity.
    In yurts it is possible to install heaters or fans upon request of the guests. There are three tandoor for cooking cakes, samosas and lamb (tandoor kabob). Demonstration cooking these dishes and Samarkand pilaf, upon request.
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