05 January 2015 "Journey along the routes of cultural heritage of Uzbekistan\"

 A few days ago on the Japanese TV BS TBS broadcast 1.5 hour documentary "Journey along the routes of the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan".


15 October 2014 What Are Those Paintings Telling About?

Archeologists have discovered inscriptions that could clarify the content of wall painting found during the excavations at a temple of the ancient settlement of Kazakly-yatkan. 


13 October 2014 Traditions and Creativity in the Ceramist Exhibition

The State Museum of Armed Forces of Uzbekistan opens a solo exhibition of a ceramist Faniya Dedeneva ‘Master and Apprentice.’


12 October 2014 Exhibition “Travel to Uzbekistan” takes place in Tashkent

French Embassy in Tashkent presented an exhibition of French photographer Payram titled “Travel to Uzbekistan: on footsteps of Paul Nedar” within the seventh international Tashkent Photo Biennale. The exhibition is taking place at the Central Exhibition Hall of Uzbekistan Art Academy.


09 October 2014 Cultural-educational tourism becomes one of important direction of sphere

Samarkand hosted the 99th session of the Executive Council of the UN World Tourism Organization on 1-3 October 2014. President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov participated in the opening ceremony of the event. 



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